Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NPFOM/Weekend/Young Prisms

This is a new video i put together from a show at the caid (Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit) this last weekend.  The show was a lot of fun.  No Pussy For Old Men, a band from Detroit, starts things off with a medley of hits that i now have stuck in my head. Their set ends with a pretty sweet rendition of The Cranberries "Dream" and made me re-realize how great that song is. I have since youtube'd the video for the song several times.  Next was the first of two San Fransisco bands that were in Detroit that night, Weekend. Weekend rocked shit, if you look at the end of their set you'll see some frantic camera shakes that were caused by a pretty raging crowed of kids getting down directly next to me. Last was the group Young Prisms. In the clip they perform their song "Sugar" a layered dream of guitar and vocal perfection. The audio is what it is for the video, its hard with loud ass punk rock type sound in a little venue like that, im working on making it better tho, $ $ $ $ :( ! Ok hope you enjoy!      

NPFOM 00:33-9:50 Weekend 9:50-17:31 YP 17:31-20:49



  1. yo, this is nick from the caid... i have an audio bootleg of all the sets from this night if you want some better (maybe) audio


  2. hey nick, you still got that audio? i'd like a copy